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About Scott Spurling

Scott Spurling Fine Gemstones is a wholesale gem dealer based out of Boston, Massachusetts sourcing the most beautiful gems from around the world. 

Scott's business began one year out of college through a connection with a fraternity brother. With his help, he started a company called Imperial Gemstones. After 15 years, the name changed to Scott Spurling. Now Scott has been in the gemstone business for over thirty years.

" My favorite things about what I do is buying pretty things. Its so much fun to buy something and feel excited about it and then turn around and see someone else react the same way you did. Almost as fun is all the great people I've come in contact with. I'm  very fortunate to buy and sell to some of the best people in my industry."

- Scott

Scott Spurling Fine Gemstones sells several different stones but tourmaline stands out as his specialty. He travels to Brazil four to five times a year to look for rare beautiful tourmalines. Other stones he includes in his unique collection are tanzanite, sapphire, and blue zircon. He also travels to Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and Thailand to source a high quality variety to his customers.

Scott is currently selling across the United States due to established connections through the Tucson and Las Vegas show. If you are interested in connecting with Scott, please visit the contact page.

" When I'm not working or traveling for work, I like to go to my camp on Drews Lake in Northern Maine. My family and childhood friends are there. It's one of my favorites places in the world." 


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